Charitable Efforts

A Commitment To Giving Back

Cannabis WIth A Cause

Tree of Life Dispensary is committed to uplifting our community through partnerships with the most positive change organizations in the Las Vegas Valley. We will be donating 70% of profits to these local charities.

We have been hard at work making this dream a reality and after we recoup our initial investment, we project we will be giving back over a million dollars a year to charity after year two. In the meantime we have developed programs to give back right away, now that we are open!

Round Up For Change

As our promise states here at the Tree of Life Dispensary the more you purchase, the more we give! 70% of profits will be donated to local charities!

We also kindly encourage our customers to give a little bit more through our “Round Up For Change” program, when you can donate your remaining loose change from your purchase to our current charitable partner. It’s not much but your community appreciates it and every little bit can actually go a long way over time. Thank you fam!

Volunteers In Medicine Of Southern Nevada

Since 2010, VMSN has provided high-quality, comprehensive health care to members of our community who need our help. These individuals are typically low-income earners whose jobs don’t include access to health insurance.

As a nonprofit health organization, VMSN provides care and support at no cost to these individuals who are falling through the cracks of our health system. We can do so because of the many caring health care practitioners and other individuals who volunteer their time to help our neighbors in need, and because of the generous financial and in-kind service contributions given each year by businesses, foundations, and individuals.